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Tender Coconut Water and a Tsunami of Benefits for You

Tender Coconut Water and a Tsunami of Benefits for You

“Noelani(dew from the heavens)” is what the Hawaiians like to call the coconut water.
Did you know that coconut water was used in World War II as a blood substitute when blood plasma was low? Interesting, isn’t it?
All those moms out there asking, ‘Why is your skin so dull?’ and then telling you one of her stories on how her skin used to glow when she was young. Times when there were no cosmetics and achieving the glass glow just by consuming minerals and vitamins from natural sources such as coconut water aren’t just made up stories. In fact, fresh and naturally extracted coconut water has more benefits than you can count on your fingers. It aids in digestion and weight loss, boosts metabolism, reduces the risk of kidney stones, keeps your skin glowing and guess what?
For the youth that needs to go to work on Monday mornings after partying hard on Sunday nights, it aids in faster recovery from hangovers. Coconut water always is a cheaper, healthier and a drink great for hydration that you can substitute your soft drinks with, when it is scorching hot during summers. With a lifestyle, that is getting unhealthier each day; more and more dieticians are suggesting the regular gym goers and athletes to turn to coconut water as an alternative to sugary high activity beverages such as Gatorade.
We all have been using this refreshing water for a quick hydration but there are endless benefits of this elixir other than just hydration:

Natural sports beverage

Did you know that most sports drinks contain refined sugar as well as other unhealthy additives such as artificial colours and chemicals? Coconut water, on the other hand, may be the only reviving drink your body needs, thanks to its numerous health benefits.
Coconut water is an excellent natural sports drink for hydrating your body and improving your energy levels before as well as after workout. It aids in the replenishment of electrolytes lost during a strenuous workout. Coconut water is one of the finest energy booster drinks since it helps to battle lethargy and exhaustion.


Coconut water's sweet flavor comes from the sugars found naturally in the fruit.
It contains a lot of potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and iron, as well as a lot of fibre. These substances aid in the control of blood sugar levels.
Diabetics frequently gain a significant amount of weight.
Sugar-sweetened coconut water, on the other hand, should be avoided because it may raise your calorie intake and blood sugar levels. Make sure to check the added sugar content while buying and look for items with less or no added sugar at all. Storia offers a large selection of no added sugar juice.
FUN FACT:We at Storia serve 100% natural tender coconut water with no added sweeteners at all!

Advantages to Kidney Health

Your doctor will tell you to drink a lot of water if you have kidney stones. When used in moderation, coconut water may assist to avoid the formation of kidney stones. Coconut water may be able to wash out the chlorine and citrate in the urine of healthy persons, among other things.

Coconut water for a youthful skin.

Antioxidants keep you youthful and vibrant by protecting your body from toxins. It is also abundant in vitamin C, which aids in the immune system's strengthening, wound healing and skin protection.
Antioxidant properties of coconut water can go a long way for those with acne or other blemishes on the surface of the skin, as it has the capacity to clear up and tone the skin. It also hydrates the skin from within and eliminates enormous amounts of excess oil.

Detoxify your body as well as your thoughts.

Do you get a feeling of exhaustion or stress? You are not in the mood to eat right now.
Sit back in your chair and take a sip of fresh coconut water, which has a refreshing flavour.
Reduces tension, as well as anxiety and panic attacks. This is due to the presence of GABA, a neurotransmitter (chemical messenger) that has a calming and anti-anxiety effect on the body.
There are times when you feel lethargic and do not want to eat or do anything because of weariness or stress. Sipping a cup of coconut water can help you relax while also calming your mind.
Overall it's a good alternative to a lot of artificially flavoured health drinks as this fluid of life is packed with everything you need right from antioxidants to essential vitamins.