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Whip up these chillin’ coconut water recipes to stay cool

Whip up these chillin’ coconut water recipes to stay cool

Coconut Water is considered to be a nourishing fruit as it brings with itself so many nutritional benefits.


Coconut water is a type of unflavoured juice and it is low in sugar and calories. Filled with health benefits, our Coconut Water is also 100% natural and preservatives free and extremely easy to find.


With the Storia Coconut Water, your hydration is always ready to go. Out of the many health benefits of having coconut water which includes- electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, Coconut Water is also a very versatile juice. It can be used to make such hydrating yet fun drinks and is perfect for quenching your thirst & rejuvenating your body in this scorching heat.


Apart from being a good source of several nutrients and minerals, it also has antioxidants that help with low blood sugar for people with diabetes. Magnesium is also prominent in coconut water and prevents kidney stones.


Coconut Water doesn’t only have health benefits but is also a great ingredient in the kitchen. It goes well with a lot of things & hence can be paired easily with other ingredients.


If you’re looking to make your drinks fun yet nutrition packed, try some of these cool Coconut Water based beverages & chill.

Recipe #1

Fruit & Coconut Water Popsicles

Who says NO to popsicles? You can never have enough of them. Enjoy a quick snack or a post-dinner dessert by making this two ingredient popsicle with your favourite fresh fruits & Storia Coconut Water.

Recipe #2

Chia Seed Pudding with Coconut Water

Soak your Chia seeds in coconut water overnight & top it with your favourite fruits in the morning along with some honey for added flavour & there you go! A healthy tropical breakfast on the go.

Recipe #3

Classic Lemonade with a coconut-ty twist

Revamp your old cult favourite, Nimbu Paani with Coconut water. Add a lemon & salt to coconut water, stir quickly and it’s done. Packed with hydration and helps you cool down instantly, this recipe is a must try.

Recipe #4

Detox Water Blend with Coconut Water

ake a Jar of Coconut Water & add some mint leaves and lemon wedges to the jar, leave it overnight and sip on this water throughout the day from the next morning. It helps you cool down and makes you feel refreshed.
100% natural & hygienic Storia Coconut Water is a one stop solution for multiple ailments & a healthy body.