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Juicy benefits of pom for your skin and health

Juicy benefits of pom for your skin and health

We are back to hot days! The cold days are now bygones and this weather change brings unwanted skin problems and dehydration with it.
But we’ve got some surprising nutritional facts for you about a red fruit that is good for your mind, body, and skin; it is the ultimate superfood indeed.
We’re talking about none other than Pomegranate, a yummy fruit with its vibrant red colour and a plethora of benefits; which is no shocker to us.

Scroll down to squeeze the benefits out of pomegranate for your good skin and health!

The Nutritional Value of Pomegranate
First, know your pomegranate inside and out. Here is the nutritional count of Storia’s Pomegranate Juice.

Nutritional Information

       Energy (kcal)


       Fat (g)


       Carbohydrates (g)


       Added Sugar (g)


       Protein (g)


Now let's take a look at the health benefits of pomegranates.

  1. Improves heart health
    The superfruit juice is rich in, improving heart health and memory, and aiding in digestion.It is almost as if pomegranate was created specifically to improve heart health. No kidding! 
  1. Get your vitamin C and other nutrients.
    This naturally sweet & fresh juice is a rich source of vitamin C & nutrients. Yes, apart from oranges, there are other fruits that provide vitamin C and pomegranate is one such alternative.
  1. Improves Immunity
    The fibre-loaded goodness of pomegranates and their antioxidant properties make the pom juice a great immunity booster.
  1. Shields from Intense Heat
    As a summer fruit, pomegranate cools the body and acts as a shield;  protecting it from the scorching heat.


Now lets steep in pomegranate’s benefits for the skin


  1. Makes your skin glow like nothing else.
    You might have heard that the best skincare routine is one that is composed with all things natural. Isn’t pomegranate exactly that? It is a fresh summer fruit that does the job of hydrating your skin. In fact, pomegranate juice can help replenish dry and dull skin.

    We are not going to go all crazy and tell you to use this juice in your face mask but we do recommend consuming it daily to get the much-needed vitamins & minerals.
  2. Detoxes the Skin Pomegranate acts as a great detoxifying agent that removes toxins from the skin. When consumed daily, it gives you plump and supple skin. Who said only green tea detoxifies the gut and gives you a healthy glow? Pomegranate juice will do just the job. 
  3. A rescue for acne! Well if you think that your expensive high-end creams have not really been giving you long-lasting results, find out how fresh pom juice, which costs a fraction of those, can help. Well, it’s all thanks to pomegranate’s powerful antioxidants.

These antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties reduce skin redness and help combat acne. 

So when snack time hits, avoid the bag of chips, and reach for the Storia 100% No Sugar Added Pomegranate Juice.

  1. An Anti-Ageing Hero
    Pomegranates work wonders for all things anti-ageing and are backed by research. As you already read earlier, poms have antioxidants which reverse skin damage and make them far more healthy. 

It  leaves skin looking a lot firmer and youthful. Sounds like a whole package!

Just imagine sipping on it everyday. It's like you’ll be protecting your skin from future damage.

Go on, sip some already!

We are quite sure that these benefits will make you become a pomegranate fan.
We are going to grab ours now because these benefits have made us thirsty for more.

You can now enjoy these benefits all year round with Storia 100% No Sugar Added Pomegranate Juice.